Life Academy
Life Academy
Soft Skills for a Solid Foundation

Our Mission

Life Academy, a non-profit life skills school. Life Academy is a community-based educational organization for the promotion of self-improvement and self-reliance for people of all ages. Life Academy teaches fundamental living skills like water safety, home repair, interview techniques, computer literacy, personal finance and more. These skill are taught through an interactive curriculum based on technical skills, academic enrichment, health and wellness, as well as social competency and awareness.

Life academy also instills soft skills in students. Soft skills are “people skills” -- personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. These skills can’t always be taught directly, instead, they are learned through experience. Our programs are designed to teach students through hands-on experiences, presentations and discussion, all while embracing an active and healthy lifestyle.

Together, these skill sets result in responsible citizens, closer families, and stronger communities.

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" The goal is simple, give people the tools necessary to better themselves and the inspiration to better their community”

— Tyler Sultenfuss, Founder


The Pillars of Life Academy

Technical Skills

Parents traditionally teach their children domestic technical arts. These skills include how to prepare and appreciate the food we eat, basic household repairs, first aid, and problem- solving. In our busy modern lives, the teaching of these skills may become lost. Knowledge of technical skills allow people to become less dependent on others, and more valuable to their community and workplace.

Wellness and Health

Health is a product of lifestyle choices. Whether these choices are healthy or not is based on habits.  Ideally, the foundation for a healthy lifestyle is built early in life but it is never too late for self-improvement. Life Academy teaches families how to sustain a healthy lifestyle through nutrition seminars, exercise programs, and more.

Academic Enrichment

Math, physics, science, and communication are all taught in schools. Students are taught and tested, and then begin to prepare for the next exam without truly learning the lessons at hand. At Life Academy, we believe application and experience is the key to truly understanding the lessons taught in school.

Social Competency and Awareness

If our students only learn one skill at Life Academy, we hope it is empathy. Empathy is defined as the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing.  Social awareness and one’s impact on others is a skill which only comes through interpersonal interaction and experience. Students functioning within a community are given opportunities every day to impact those around them.

Life academy instruction comes from the teaching hands of subject matter experts. We recognize the value of quality classes and instructors. In order to offer classes at the highest quality available and keep them affordable for most students, donations will be used to offset the expense of most classes.

We would suggest that children use their allowance/chore money to pay for their classes. This is an important component to help teach the students responsibility and give them ownership of their education. We want to teach children that nothing is free; and everything is earned. However, parents are free to donate to subsidize both their child’s admission fee and life academy at large.

The classes will be available for children, teens, and adults.

How can I get involved?

Life Academy is in its probationary period for 501c3 status. This means that donations are not tax deductible until 501c3 status has been approved. All donations are appreciated and necessary to keep the quality of classes high yet affordable to as many students as possible.

You can make donations payable to Life Academy Inc.

If you have any resources or subject matter expertise that you would like to contribute for future classes please forward information to Tyler Sultenfuss at Life Academy is dependent on the community to strengthen our school and its students.